Supernaturals – Fossil Series

After 2 years of research we at came up with these new and exciting products. We combined the old materials with new high tech acrylic resin to create new super natural materials which will add a new dimension to Knife making! Nico spoke to a very well-known knife maker and he said ‚ÄúThere are 3 things that sell a knife; handle material, handle material and handle material”.

We stabilized giraffe sponge bone and then impregnated it with acrylic resin to create these awesome new materials. Also known as the Supernatural Galaxy Series.

Then we experimented and also used Sea shells in our products for the first time to create the Supernatural Oceanic Series.

The response to these products were so good that we went a little out of the box and experimented some more and came up with the brand new and exciting Supernatural Fossil Series that introduces a whole bunch of natural products no one would ever even remotely consider putting on a knife due to the difficult shape or nature of its natural form. Combining interesting seeds like baksia pods, sickle bush pods and casuarina pods in multi coloured resins opened up a whole new world of exciting and amazing products .


Supernaturals – Fossil series