Limited Editions is located in heart of southern Africa in the same region as the Kruger National Park. Just like the other animals in this ecosystem we need to co-exist. Therefore we only use bones, horn and leather from animals killed by predators, natural causes or animal culling. Usually we only get to the bones once they have been ‘picked clean’ by the smaller scavengers such as jackal, hyena and vultures. The bones no longer serve much use in the wild and so we recycle the animal parts into beautiful handle material that enable the animal to live on in designs of knife makers.

The fact that no animals are killed specifically to produce our products is the reason why they are so rare and exotic and stock is not always guaranteed. What this means is that each handle is unique and carries its own story from the bushveld of South Africa.

The Limited edition category is for the products that is even more rare to find. A beautiful pair of these horns or bones will only come by once in a while. But then we are ready to stain and stabilize it and make it available for you to create a once in a life time piece of art.

Gallery – Products found in this category

Sable Antelope Horn – Flat Block Sets and Horn Tips

Cape Buffalo Horn and Bone

Eland Bone

Waterbuck Horn