We are very proud that our products are 100% unique. Not just because of the fact that we are the only company that creates these products and use the specific techniques we use to stain, stabilize and polish the products, but because of the products itself. We often get requests from customers that want to buy products similar to a set they bought years or even months ago or a set that looks like a picture they send us. Just like each person has a unique finger print and set of DNA markers that causes them to look different from other people or even siblings, similarly our products differ from set to set even if they are stained in the exact same way or even sometimes if they are cut from the same bone or are from a pair of horns that come from the same animal. We have tried several times to recreate colour combinations or patterns on customers request but always fall short of getting an exact match. Although we can manage to achieve the same level of excellence in colour and uniqueness it is never a perfect match to an existing product. To us this is a badge of honour as it make these already unique products a one of a kind masterpiece for a one of a kind knife handle, gun grip, piece of jewellery or art project that is going to put that end product in a category of its own. In a world where everyone is trying to be like someone else, it is refreshing to get something that will always be completely unique, one of a kind no matter what you do.